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Connie Lansberg and Jex Saarelaht

Connie Lansberg is a performer/composer and published author who collaborates with brilliant jazz musicians and her unique artistry is found in the freshness and variety of her original works, her natural talent as a storyteller, and her ability to hold an audience’s rapt attention. The chemistry she ignites in her band adds another alluring spark to her performances. Themed around secrets, heartache, dreams, and the buzz of the unknown, Connie Lansberg’s compositions are intimate and uplifting. As is her trademark, these songs are all about the stories they tell and the characters they shed light on. 

Through Connie’s poignant lyrics and intelligent vocals, she taps into both the rawness of loss and the transformation of new beginnings. Born out of her musical roots in classical church music, country, and folk, the music has been brilliantly produced by Connie and arranged for a jazz quartet. 

Special guest, jazz master Jex Saarelaht (Rene’ Geyer, Kate Cebrano, Vika and Linda Bull, Sheila Jordan, Diana Kiss and many more.

Recent Press:

"Connie Lansberg excels throughout her new album Alone With Bees, a recommended release that makes one want to see her and her trio perform live.” –Scott Yanow, jazz journalist/historian

“Connie Lansberg gives us a glimpse into the future of Australian and global jazz.” Vent magazine

“Her delivery resonates with an unmistakable aura of control and clarity, a touch of style and sentiment that echoes the spirit of the musical world of jazz“   Dave Franklin Dancing with Architecture.

“Connie Lansberg blurs the line of music styles first with Tsera’s Gift. And now the wonderful Alone with Bees.” – Jazz Corner

“Connie is drawn to stories and melody, which is conveyed in each of her beautifully written songs.” – World of Jazz



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