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The Story

Often tagged as “The poet Laureate of Rock n Roll” and “The man who wrote the Rock n Roll handbook”, Chuck Berry remains one of the most influential figures in American music. Rick Hoey Bell fully understands why Berry continues to cast such a long shadow over root music and, as such, his Chuck Berry Revue transcends any standard tribute act. Fronting a combo of bass, drums and piano, Rick digs deep into the Berry songbook and reveals the many sides of his musical hero – there’s plenty of Berry’s signature Rock n Roll but Rick isn’t afraid to take detours into Berry’s side trips into jazzy Blues, Country, Tin Pan Alley pop, the odd Latin groove and a bit of Chess label 12 bar blues.

In between songs, Rick will often share amusing anecdotes and a deep knowledge of Berry lore with his captivated audience. On some nights he might even indulge in the fabled Duck Walk while letting his guitar, to paraphrase Chuck himself, ring like a bell. The Chuck Berry Revue isn’t about cheap nostalgia or tired takes on predictable songs, it’s about one man’s genuine love and appreciation of a true innovator. What Ricks takes from Chuck Berry he gives back so much more of himself.