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Can you spy him deep within? Little possum, black as sin.

Age restriction: 18+

Phillip’s life is sinking into an abyss. Reeling from an unspoken incident that has destroyed everything except the monstrous puppet he carries with him, he returns to his hometown where his demons gain an ever-stronger hold on his fragile psyche. Waiting for him is Maurice, a grim figure from his past who will not let him rest, and the nightmares of a childhood that will not be forgotten.

Drawing inspiration from his childhood experiences of horrific, government produced safety films, and the revelations of British media personality Jimmy Savile’s sexual abuse allegations, writer/director Matthew Holness stirs up a heady brew for those who don’t mind a deep dive into English trauma - he described the film as “not remotely funny”. This is creeping, psychological horror. Despite being steeped in darkness so thick that you may need a shower afterwards, the remarkable performance by Sean Harris (MISSION: IMPOSSIBLE 5 & 6, 24 HOUR PARTY PEOPLE, PROMETHEUS) brings humanity and empathy to a difficult role. Those familiar with Holness’ previous work know that he is no stranger to Paracinema. He co-created GARTH MARENGHI’S DARK PLACE, playing the titular role both on stage and in the TV version. With his debut feature Holness embraces the darker, dramatic side of his creations, making this an unforgettable work of art.






Sean Harris, Alun Armstrong, Joe Gallucci, Pamela Cook


Matthew Holness

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