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Age restriction: 15+

Alerte! A murder has been committed! But fear not, for the prime suspect, Louis, is in the sturdy hands of the police and will be interrogated all night long…despite his protestations that he only found the corpse. Well yes, he did do some rather odd things before and after, but wouldn’t you if you just found a corpse in the street? Captain Buron is having none of it! He will crack this case, even if reality itself has to break apart in order to do so!

           Titled AU POSTE! (“To The Police Station!”) in its native France, and set almost entirely within the marvellously kitsch offices of Captain Buron, this is the latest meta-marvel from Quentin Dupieux (RUBBER, Mr. Oizo). Starring Benoît Poelvoorde (MAN BITES DOG, A TOWN CALLED PANIC) and Grégoire Ludig (both of whom star in ROMANTICS ANONYMOUS) - who leap effortlessly between dead-pan and delirious - this is a comedy that will keep you guessing. Remixing the styles of late-20th century French police films via a classical farce, Dupieux turns narrative and storytelling on its head. Taking a Pythonesque approach to comedy and building upon France’s strong traditions of absurdism, KEEP AN EYE OUT is a light-hearted jaunt with seriously weird thoughts addling its brain.

Slurp (and crunch?) your way through complimentary oysters at Thursday’s screening of KEEP AN EYE OUT at Lido Cinemas. Served with free bubbles to kick off the first film of the fest!




Benoît Poelvoorde, Grégoire Ludig, Marc Fraize


Quentin Dupieux