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The Story

Octave Inc is the creation of saxophonist Michael Slater. An accomplished jazz saxophonist from Nashville, Tennessee, most known for his work with Shining Bird, Ernest Ellis and studio project Rain King, Slater’s jazz quintet is the culmination of the variety of genres he has been part of.

In 2016, the band released their first recorded EP titled ‘Dancer’. In early 2018, Octave Inc released their second EP, ‘Flightpath of the Sky Queen’. The band has wrapped on their first full length, self titled album, out now!

"Throughout the new album, the band navigate a variety of sonic territories to create a boundless brand of music. It pulls in myriad directions, and never sits in one place for too long. The result is a dynamic listening experience that we guarantee you’ll quickly get hooked on." -Happy Mag


Michael Slater
Andrew Jeon
Jesse Nguyen
Mitchell King
Riccardo Quirke





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