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“Riveting and politically relevant.” — The Hollywood Reporter

A lawless desperado or a headstrong young man persecuted by a racist police state? 

In 1976, the second trial of Pierre Goldman divided France when the Jewish far-left activist was retried for four robberies, one of which resulted in two deaths. He denied any involvement in the latter case. 

Pleading not guilty at his trial, in a matter of weeks Goldman is transformed into a hero of the intellectual left. Before long, however, the relationship between Goldman and his attorney, the young Georges Kiejman, begins to fray. The elusive Goldman, ever the agitator, renders the outcome of the trial uncertain, risking a death sentence. 

A powerful entry into the delicate genre of the courtroom drama - rated 100% on Rotten Tomatoes. Unearthing a black box of distinctly French passions and upheavals that extend far beyond the 1970s.


Unclassified 15+






French (English subtitles)


Cédric Kahn

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