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Experience Australian jazz music like never before

Featuring three emerging Australian musicians, A Night of Australian Jazz is an imaginative exploration of Australian jazz music. Jack, Ayda and Mia present both original compositions and compositions by prominent Australian musicians such as Sam Anning, Krisitin Berardi and Andrea Keller. Offering a new take on Australian classics, bringing three unique music voices together into an intimate jazz trio. 

Mia Barham - Alto Saxophone and Flute
Ayda Akbal - Piano and Voice
Jack Dobson - Bass

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Mia Barham, Ayda Akbal, Jack Dobson

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Release Date: 10 Nov 2021

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Ciao, Professore! (1992)

Release Date: 18 Dec 2021

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Inherent Vice (2014)

Release Date: 16 Dec 2021

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Seven Beauties (1975)

Release Date: 11 Dec 2021

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Magnolia (1999)

Release Date: 10 Dec 2021

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The Master (2012)

Release Date: 09 Dec 2021

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Swept Away (1974)

Release Date: 04 Dec 2021

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