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One of the world's leading improvised music guitar players.

One of the world's leading improvised music guitar players.

Guitarist and composer Stephen Magnusson is a musician at the height of his powers. From the precocious virtuoso who dazzled the music world when he crashed onto the scene, to a musician so mature, complete and respected that when people talk of an “Australian sound” of instrumental music, it is Magnusson’s influence – his tone, his touch, his compositional watermark and his deep sensitivity – that they hear.

founding member of SNAG, FESTA, Assumptions Trio (Julien Wilson and Will Guthrie) Julio and The Stevies (again with Julien and also Stephen Grant), his trio MAG (Frank DiSario and Dave Beck) and the latest quartet – Magnet (Carl Pannuzzo, Eugene Ball and Sergio Beresovsky) Steve is one of the most vital, musical and leading exponents in this music.

Michelle Nicole is an Australian Jazz Awards (Bells) winner 2017, Mo Award 2001, 2003 & 2004 (Australian Entertainment Ind), National Jazz Award (1998) winner and A.R.I.A Finalist 2001,2004 (Australian Recording Industry), Michelle Nicolle is a jazz musician whose chosen instrument is Voice and who can swing hard with the best of them.

 "I have loved Michelle Nicolle's singing perpetually and without ceasing since first I heard her. Michelle is a singer born to sing, born to charm, enlighten and seduce through music. I only wish she lived in the States somewhere so I could manage to hear her more often." Kurt Elling, April 2012

Playing swinging standards with his beautiful ballads with his trio of Tom Lee on double bass and Ronny Ferella on drums.





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