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Release Date: 01 Aug 2024

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The Story

Legendary French actress Catherine Deneuve (8 Women, The Midwife) is hilarious in her satirical portrayal of Bernadette Chirac – the poised wife of former French President Jacques Chirac. In 1995 Bernadette arrives at the Élysée anticipating she’ll receive the respect she deserves, after tirelessly supporting her husband’s journey to the presidency. Instead, she is cast aside and mocked for being too old-fashioned, cold, and irritable. Undeterred, and with the help of her chief of staff, Bernadette reinvents herself to become an iconic figure in her own right, and claims the spotlight in her role as the First Lady.






Catherine Deneuve, Sara Giraudeau, Denis Podalydès, Laurent Stocker, Lionel Abelanski, Michel Vuillermoz, François Vincentelli


Léa Domenach

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