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Chloë Sobek (violine and electronics) 8pm:
Chloë’s current practice is built around the Renaissance precursor to the double bass, the violone. Recognising the tension in how this ornate, German Renaissance instrument can sit at the centre of a practice that revolves around the creation of new music in contemporary Australia, Chloë experiments extensively with augmenting the natural acoustic sound of the instrument through electronic devices, extended technique and audio-montage. In recent years Chloë has worked to bring the violone into more contemporary contexts. She co-founded experimental improvisation duo Outlier with Lizzy Welsh and has co-created Outlier performances for Liquid Architecture, the Substation, Inland Concert Series and the Castlemaine State Festival.

The Overtone Ensemble (vibrissa instruments) 9pm:
The Overtone Ensemble perform using self built ‘vibrissa’ instruments. (Microtonally tuned metal rod instruments named after feline tactile hair follicles i.e. whiskers.) Since that time the groups instrumentation has been expanded to include other self built and customised acoustic instruments including doppler-rods, e-bowed acoustic guitars, long wire instruments, re-tuned glockenspiels plus massed and quartertone hand-bells. Their performances explore and manipulate acoustic phenomena such as phasing, difference and beat tones, sympathetic vibrations and room resonance - a liminal zone where acoustic instruments vibrate with eerie electronic verisimilitude and familiar instruments sound strangely alien.