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“…takes the audience through the Romeo and Juliet-like saga of two young, eligible ultra-Orthodox singles looking for a match.” – The Times of Israel

Moti Bernstein is the son every mother wants, a student every Rabbi loves to teach, the ideal Yeshiva Bucher, the perfect match for every bride. He has it all: a good Ashkenazi family, a brilliant mind, and a nice face! 

In search of a wife, he has the choice of the best girls in the Jewish Orthodox world, but Moti only has eyes for his sister’s friend Nechama, who hails from a Moroccan Mizrahi family. Throwing caution—and taboo—to the wind, Moti moves to win the hand of his Sephardic love. From the director of Magic Men and A Matter of Size comes Matchmaking; a Haredi take on Romeo and Juliet with plenty of laughs. This romantic comedy is Israel’s biggest 2023 box office hit and won the Audience Award for Narrative Film at this year's Miami Jewish Film Festival.


Unclassified 15+






Hebrew (English subtitles)


Erez Tadmor