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“A kaleidoscopic portrait of cultural trauma, shifting identities, and growing pains... Expertly weaves the personal and the political together, creating a compelling, heartfelt tale with meaningful stakes.” – HighonFilms 

At the height of adolescence – with all the confusion, lack of perspective, hormonal chaos and emotional upheaval it entails – tens of thousands of young Israelis each year go abroad for the first time without their parents to experience an emotional intensity that is hard to process and understand for an adult, let alone a teenager.

The end of school is approaching. Together with their class and a Shoah survivor, three Israeli high school friends take part in a school trip to visit Holocaust sites in Poland – the last time together before their army service. During the trip, shy boy Frisch, aspiring artist Nitzan and class heartthrob Ido deal with issues of love, teen friendship, and politics against the backdrop of concentration camps and memorial sites. While customary for teenagers in Israel, the trip confronts them with their Jewish identity, for some in an emotionally intense way. This journey will change them forever.


Unclassified 15+




Germany, Israel, Poland


English, Hebrew, Polish (English subtitles)


Asaf Saban