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“Plays like a delightful and deadpan Czech counterpart of HBO smash Succession.” — Screen International

A huge money embezzlement in a multi-million company creates a domino effect of suspicion between the members of the family who run the business. Ivo Rona, a long-time CEO, and his family look for the one to blame, when Marie, one of his most trusted employees, goes missing. A revenge plan, a corporate sabotage or a well-played internet fraud? One thing is certain:someone among them cannot be trusted.

The combination of dysfunctional family drama and black comedy in Bird Atlas has already generated favourable reviews from critics comparing it to the television series Succession. The entire cast are in top form, delivering droll and deadpan performances, but the highlight is veteran actor Miroslav Donutil as Ivo, the family patriarch, who does not let small things like multiple heart attacks get in the way of displaying complete contempt for everybody around him. And then there are the delightfully absurd moments when the film cuts to various birds who comment on the action and offer philosophical advice. 






Czech Republic


Czech (English subtitles)


Miroslav Donutil, Alena Mihulová, Martin Pechlát, Vojtech Kotek, Eliška Krenková, Pavl Beretová


Olmo Omerzu

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