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Australian Premiere

It’s cold outside, so celebrate Christmas in July with this cosy and heart-warming film about community, friendship and family.

It’s ten days before Christmas, World War II has just ended, and 10-year-old Stine has run away from boarding school and stowed away on a train. She finds herself in a small town and, seeking shelter from the cold winter night, she sneaks into a house on Cobbler Street owned by Shoemaker Andersen, a grumpy old recluse who cherishes his solitude and has no intention of spending Christmas in the company of a funny, mischievous girl like Stine. However, as much as Andersen resists being won over by Stine, she slowly melts the ice around his heart, and their encounter with each other ends up taking both of their lives in a new direction.

Parental guidance: Some themes may be too mature for younger viewers

Please note the film will screen in English language (Dubbed version)


All Ages








Mikal Hovland

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