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Australian premiere.

For a thousand years, Japanese have lived in this forest. A thousand years from now, what will you leave behind?

Finding their place between the forest and the sea, the Japanese have always felt awe and gratitude toward Nature. Since ancient times, they have negotiated their own unique relationship with their natural surroundings.

Acclaimed photographer Masa-aki Miyazawa discovered the essence of that ancient way of living in Ise Jingu, Japan’s holiest Shinto shrine. Inspired by the idea of sending a message to the future in the same way this ancient shrine keeps alive the traditions of the past, Miyazawa used an ultra-high resolution 4K camera to create a breathtaking visual journey linking the Ise forest with other forests throughout Japan. The result was “In Between Mountains and Oceans,” Japan’s first documentary film shot entirely on 4K. The film reverberates with the voices of the past and present, linking everyone who views it with invisible threads of human connection.

With crystal-clear photography that lets you feel the clear forest air on your skin, stirring music that uplifts the soul, and words of wisdom from 12 of Japan’s most intriguing personalities, “In Between Mountains and Oceans” is an unforgettable experience. How will you view the world after you watch it? The answer lies inside

Embark on a journey to a sacred forest, to cultivate a heart that can appreciate beauty even more deeply.






Masaaki Miyazawa

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