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CineCultVHS presents THE CAT (1992).

Following our screening of 1991's dog-centric BINGO, CineCultVHS jumps forward a full year to 1992's cat-centric THE CAT.

That's right - here at CineCultVHS there is enough room in our heart for both of these titans of domestic creatures. We aren't parochial.

From Ngai Choi Lam, the director of RICKY-OH: THE STORY OF RICKY, comes THE CAT (1992) (aka The 1000 Years Cat; aka Wisely's Old Cat).

THE CAT is a Hong Kong action-sci fi-horror-adventure film, adapting a book from the popular Wisely series. It follows Wisely, (a novelist who writes about his own life and adventures in a Garth Merenghi-like fashion), and his team-up with a cat (who is actually an alien, and a general in an interstellar war) and some other less interesting aliens, to defeat some evil 'The Thing'-esque shape-shifters.

None of this conveys the utter joyful fun and insanity of this film. If you've seen RICKY-OH, you just might have an inkling of what you're getting into...

Part-Cronenberg body horror, part-Garth Merenghi, part-Terminator, all crazy, all awesome, THE CAT is a gooey phantasmagorical good time, and features one of the greatest fight scenes ever committed to film (between a cat and a dog in a junkyard, complete with puppets and animal kung fu).

With only a limited home media release - and no official English release ever - this will be screened from a rip with fan subs. It only adds to the appeal.

As one reviewer on letterboxd put it: "Lam directed this and STORY OF RICKY back to back then never made another movie. I can only assume he clapped the dust off his hands and quietly returned to whatever magical planet of latex gore and black comedy from which he came, his mission accomplished."

Join us for a life-changing screening of THE CAT at the Southside Jazz Room at the Classic Cinema in Elsternwick!

Free event! Monday 28th January!
Doors open at 7pm. Feature commences at 7:30pm.





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