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CineCultVHS: Things!

In a lonely house, deep in the wilderness, strange nightmares and wholesome knitwear collide in a kaleidoscope of comedy, gore, and dialogue that puts every other so-called "comedy" to shame. To quote one plot summary: "Some guys are in a cabin and then some things show up". The rest, you must discover for yourselves.....

Theories abound as to what THINGS! is, what it means, how it came into existence, whether or not is the greatest or the worst film ever made. It is, undeniably, something transcendent. Above and beyond horror, comedy, sense and nonsense, exists this strange artefact from the film wastelands of 1980s Canada. Anybody who watches this 1989 home-made oddity will recognise all the hallmarks of a film produced by horror nerds at the height of the VHS era, and yet, before your very eyes it melts, warps, fracturing all sense of reality until your very brainwaves begin to alter to its bizarre rhythms. Fans of Adult Swim and Tim & Eric will gasp, realising that THINGS! is the ancestor from which all that WTF humour was birthed. But this is no affectation. Projected straight from the netherworld of nightmares and dreamscapes, and set to the pulsating rhythms of mulletted synths, THINGS! is the last stop on the road to Comedy Hell! This is for real, too legit to be catergorised, birthed from the gaping chasm of filmmaking imagination and ineptitude in a deadly cinema pile-up that will leave you changed FOREVER!

Free admission!
Doors open at 7pm. The feature VHS presentation will commence at 7:30pm.
Please wear your daggiest knitwear, and bring unsuspecting friends.
Drinks and general cinema snacks available from the bar.