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Release Date: 17 Jun 2021

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A brutal murder. A brilliant killer. A cop who can't resist the danger.

A police detective investigating the brutal murder of a wealthy rock star becomes involved in a torrid and intense relationship with the prime suspect, an enigmatic writer






Michael Douglas, Sharon Stone, Jeanne Tripplehorn, George Dzundza


Paul Verhoeven

Can't decide? What about...

Topaz (1969)

Release Date: 02 Jan 2022

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Torn Curtain (1966)

Release Date: 19 Dec 2021

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Marnie (1964)

Release Date: 12 Dec 2021

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Psycho (1960)

Release Date: 28 Nov 2021

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North by Northwest (1959)

Release Date: 21 Nov 2021

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Vertigo (1958)

Release Date: 14 Nov 2021

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Release Date: 07 Nov 2021

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To Catch a Thief (1955)

Release Date: 17 Oct 2021

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Rear Window (1954)

Release Date: 10 Oct 2021

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