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Join us for a Q&A screening of buzzworthy Australian film SOME HAPPY DAY! Guests include writer/director Catherine Hill, stars Peta Brady and Mary Helen Sassman and star/cinematographer Cameron Zayec.

Two sessions only on Monday 21 February and Wednesday 23 February, 6.30pm.

Some Happy Day

Tina and Frances share the same neighbourhood but different worlds.

Homeless Tina sleeps at a city beach with her partner Ben. Tina has survived a brutal childhood and the chaotic environment of drugs and homelessness. Desperate for a better life she plans a new start in an idyllic country town. That’s until Ben steals all her money. Unable to track him down she ends up alone and suicidal at a Crisis Centre where she meets social worker Frances, and everything changes.

Frances is pregnant and hasn’t told her husband, Jay. Deeply troubled after discovering his dark secret she is unsure what to do. She takes comfort in her work but her meeting with Tina leads both women to confront, not only their partners, but everything they ever believed in.