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Join us for a screening of this powerful documentary about the Women's Liberation Movement in Australia, followed by a special Q&A panel with the filmmakers, Director Catherine Dwyer and Editor Rosie Jones and activist Rosemary West.

Q&A Panel: 

Catherine Dwyer:
First time Director, Catherine Dwyer, was inspired to make a film about the history of the Women’s Movement in Australia through her experience working as Associate Producer – Post Production, Researcher and Assistant Editor on Mary Dore’s critically acclaimed and award winning documentary She’s Beautiful When She’s Angry (2014) - the story of the US Women’s Liberation Movement. Catherine was the Impact Producer on Freedom Stories (dir. Steven Thomas 2016), a documentary that explores the achievements and stories of former ‘boat people’ who arrived in Australian waters seeking asylum. Catherine has also directed and edited music videos and shorts.

Rosie Jones:
Rosie Jones is an award-winning filmmaker with more than 25 years of experience writing, editing and directing in the documentary field. Amongst her recent editing credits are the feature docs Namatjira Project and The Triangle Wars (Best Australian Doc, Antenna) and the short docs Suicide and Me, Queen of the Desert, Westall '66: A Suburban UFO Mystery, Obsessed with Walking, Wedding Sari Showdown and My Brother Vinnie. She moved into directing documentaries with Visions of Yankalilla in 1999; her most recent project was the acclaimed doc series The Cult of The Family for ABC-TV. 

Rosemary West:
At the University of Melbourne, Rosemary West joined a group called Student Action, founded by her boyfriend Bill Thomas to protest against the White Australia Policy. Rosemary was pregnant when Bill was tragically killed in a car accident, on his way to ask her parents’ permission to get married. As a result of this unfortunate situation, Rosemary faced social pressure and isolation because there were very few options for ‘unmarried’ women to keep their babies, with many coerced into forced adoption. With her experience in student activism, she formed a lobby group to abolish illegitimacy and advocate for the rights of single mothers. The Council of Single Mothers and Their Children is still active today and recently celebrated their 50th anniversary. Rosemary went on to become a noted journalist, working for The Age for 15 years, and has received the Order of Australia Medal for services to disadvantaged groups in the community and to journalism.


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