Champion Pictures specialise in distributing Jewish-themed films and quality Israeli films.

We try to bring the best Documentaries and Feature Films from around the globe that illuminate the Jewish experience and reveal the universality of all mankind.

Our first documentary Watermarks is a charming story of women athletes-champion swimmers who competed for Austria in the 1930’s until the scourge of Nazism forced them to abandon their homeland and their dreams. Now in their eighties, these remarkable women come together to reminisce, to swim and to reflect on youth, femininity and friendship.

Ushpizin is the first Israeli movie to ever film within the confines of the Ultra-orthodox community in Jerusalem. The actors and extras are all from the Religious community and the locations are all authentic. Ushpizin shows their way of life and world view from the inside out.

From the very funny German comedy “Go for Zucker” to the poignant French drama “Nina’s Home”, Champion Pictures brings you a window into Jewish communities and lifestyles around the world both past and present.

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