The Magic Pudding

The Magic Pudding

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Release Date: Friday, 20 October 2006.
Starring John Cleese, Sam Neill, Geoffrey Rush, Hugo Weaving, Jack Thompson, Toni Collette, Mary Coustas, Roy Billing, Greg Carroll, John Laws.
Directed by Karl Zwicky.
Classification: G, 81 mins.
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Country: Australia.

Bunyip Bluegum (Rush) is a koala on an adventure and in search of his missing parents. His companions include Bill Barnacle (Weaving), Sam Sawnoff (Neill) and Albert (Cleese) the magic pudding.

'As Australian as a gum leaf, The Magic Pudding dishes up a fresh, colourful and delightful adventure capturing the compelling, larrikin spirit of Norman Lindsay's classic characters. The joyous energy of the filmmakers jumps off the screen and the animation is world class. It's a hoot of a story, amusing enough for parents, but riveting for its target market of pre-teens. It's not only safe to take them, it's advisable.' – Urban Cinefile