Night Train to Terror (1985)

Night Train to Terror (1985)

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Release Date: Wednesday, 15 August 2018.
Starring John Phillip Law Cameron Mitchell Richard Moll Marc Lawrence.
Directed by Jay Schlossberg-Cohen.
Classification: R18+, 93 mins.
Country: USA.

“On a train bound for Hell, God and Satan decide the fates of three unfortunate mortals. So goes the setup for this infamous ‘80s horror anthology, whose stories are pieced together from the butchered remains of three other movies like some kind of hilariously WTF Frankenstein’s monster.” -- Shudder

In HARRY, a fiendish killer keeps the horribly mutilated body parts of his countless victims in a diabolical tourture chamber. In GRETTA, a young death-obsessed woman takes part in an unspeakable ritual of Russian roulette. Finally, in CLAIRE, a young woman and a Holocaust survivor are terrorized by the son of Satan.

Richard Moll from “Night Court” makes an appearance. And you’ll never be able to un-hear the theme song!