Monsieur Chocolat

Monsieur Chocolat

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Release Date: Thursday, 29 June 2017.
Starring Omar Sy, James Thierrée, Clotilde Hesme.
Directed by Roschdy Zem.
Classification: M (Mature themes, violence and coarse language.), 119 mins.
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Country: France.
Language: French (subtitled).

Omar Sy stars in the French-Language film, MONSIEUR CHOCOLAT which is based on the life of Rafael Padilla - a former Cuban-born slave, who became a performer in France during the Belle Epoque era.

Padilla was born in Cuba in 1868 and was sold into slavery at the age of 9, to a Portuguese merchant. After escaping slavery, he traveled to Paris and launched a career in the circus, captivating the French with his talents as a singer and dancer, and as a clown, working under the stage name 'Chocolat'.