King Lear: Live From Shakespeare's Globe

King Lear: Live From Shakespeare's Globe

Theatre on Screen - Two Sessions Only  Theatre/Opera

King Lear (Kevin McNally) decides to divide his kingdom amongst his three daughters, but fails to anticipate the consequences of his actions. His generosity is cruelly repaid. As he comes to realise the false values by which he has lived, he finally encounters his own humanity. Broadcast live to cinemas from the iconic Shakespeare’s Globe, this brand new retelling of one of the Bard’s greatest plays will capture your heart.


King Lear: Live From Shakespeare's Globe
  • Cast
  • Kevin McNally, Anjana Vasan, Sirine Saba
  • Director
  • Nancy Meckler
  • Genre
  • Theatre
  • Country of Origin
  • UK
  • Audio Language
  • English

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