Duck Duck Goose

Duck Duck Goose

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Release Date: Thursday, 24 May 2018.
Starring Carl Reiner, Craig Ferguson, Greg Proops, Jennifer Grey, Jim Gaffigan, Lance Lim, Stephen Fry.
Directed by Christopher Jenkins.
Classification: PG (Mild animated violence, crude humour and coarse language ), 91 mins.
Country: China, USA.

Two orphaned ducklings, feisty 16 day old Chi and her younger brother Chao, are separated from their flock by the over-enthusiastic flying antics of PENG, a freewheeling bachelor goose who’d rather practice aerial acrobatics than join the other geese preparing for their annual migration.

Afraid and alone, the ducklings ask for Peng’s help to return to their flock, but he dismisses their pleas and hastily retreats; he doesn’t need two little ones cramping his style! Pride comes before a fall however…when Peng badly injures his wing leaving him alone & vulnerable to prey. It is then that he agrees to help the kids get back to their flock, realising that walking with them provides the perfect cover to hide his injury.

From here the trio embark on a journey together, arguing their way across the Chinese landscape in search of their flocks and urged on by the oncoming winter. As they make their journey, a wild Pallas cat named Banzou is in hot pursuit, looking for exactly the kind of easy pickings that an injured goose and defenceless ducklings offer.

This is a story not just about finding your way through the obstacles of a long & difficult journey, this is ultimately the story of finding your way through the trials of life, of fatherhood, of responsibility to your community, and of family. Peng will grow to understand the power of unconditional love and Chao & Chi will likewise grow to see him as the best father figure they could ever have.