Chicken People

Chicken People

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Release Date: Thursday, 6 July 2017.

Directed by Nicole Lucas Haimes.
Classification: PG (Mild coarse language), 83 mins.
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Country: USA.

Chicken may be just food for most people, but raising the perfect show chicken is an all-consuming passion for some. Chicken People follows the trials and tribulations, hopes and fears of those who breed poultry for competition on the high stakes national chicken show circuit. In the tradition of Spellbound, Chicken People is a delightfully poignant feature documentary about the fascinating world of competitive chickens and the people who love them.

Chicken People are a growing segment of our population. These are people who love and care for their chickens -- some who even dress their chickens in diapers and treat their chickens like a part of the family. The result is a feathered, deeply sincere, heartfelt and uplifting Best in Show that highlights the joys of raising animals.