Heart of Auschwitz
Heart of Auschwitz

Directed by Carl Leblanc & Luc Cyr.
Classification: M, 90 mins.
Official Site: http://www.jewishfilmfestival.com.au
Country: Canada.
Language: English French Polish Yiddish English subtitles (subtitled).

On December 12th 1944, a tiny birthday gift appeared at Fania's workbench at the Krupp munitions factory in Auschwitz and - if she is to be believed - she concealed it, carried it with her on the death march and brought it with her to Canada. Carl Leblanc tracked surviving girls all over the world to verify the authenticity of Fania’s gift to Montreal’s Holocaust Commemorative Centre.

Holocaust survivors face their mortality. In the face of deniers and despite well-meaning hoaxers, there are indeed still miraculous truths, which must be verified to appreciate their true magnitude. Travel the journey with Fania, her daughter and meet the women who made the gift. You decide.

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